About this Project

We are truly honored to be selected for this project. The City of Alexandria hired us to construct the new King Street Waterfront Park. The primary challenge was the site’s geographic location. Yet despite an exceptionally rainy year and an elevation that invited flooding during both high and low tides, we came up with strategies to work around the water and made the project a success.
The new Waterfront Park combines the original King Street Park and Waterfront Park sites with the sites of the former Old Dominion Boat Club building and parking lot to create a seamless transition between Old Town’s historic retail corridor and the water. The new park has brought tourism to the area, featuring an open plaza, a waterfront promenade, shade structures, a river terrace, and a modular space that can adapt to different purposes throughout the year. King Street Waterfront Park now welcomes visitors and high foot traffic between the Strand Street, the Old Waterfront Park, Wales Alley, King Street, Torpedo Factory, the Marina, and all associated amenities.