About this Project

Mt. Vernon Elementary School playground is located on the corner of East Uhler Ave. and Mt Vernon Ave. During the school days, the students at Mt. Vernon Elementary School enjoy the park, and in the afternoons, weekends, and non-school holidays, families of the community frolic around on this playground. Because of its convenient location on the Mt. Vernon Ave. corridor, the park is a popular community staple. Before we entered the scene, though, it was a different story. The old park was outdated and falling apart. On rainy days, most of the playground turned into a mud pit with ongoing flooding. The park posed some safety risks with no ADA access. We fixed that!
Alexandria City Public School (ACPS) hired PIVOT Construction to renovate the entire park. After the demolition, the entire site had to be regraded to meet ADA requirements. We installed new playground equipment, a new kinder area, instruments, and a new soccer field with a rubber surface. We regraded previous dirt areas and eliminated trip hazards. Retaining walls now line the park perimeter, along with new vegetation, trees, a sprinkler system, a water fountain, and site furnishings. A new fence encloses this now beautiful and safe play space.